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Dr. Rothberg

Dr. Jonathan Rothberg is the founder of multiple life science and medical device companies including Butterfly Network, Quantum-Si, Hyperfine, and the 4Catalyzer Health Technology incubator.


Building companies around a virtuous circle of learning. Platforms get smarter as customers use them.

Devices, Cloud/Telemedicine and Deep Learning

Our Companies

Personal ultrasound

At Butterfly Network, we have built the world's first ultrasound-on-a-chip that's FDA cleared for 13 indications, priced at under $2000.

Every healthcare provider now has access to an intuitive, powerful, whole-body medical imaging system that fits in their pocket. A fusion of semiconductors, artificial intelligence, and cloud technology has made it possible to create a ubiquitous imaging solution that is clinically significant and category defining.

Next-Gen Genome Sequencing

At 454 Life Sciences, we built the first high-throughput next-gen genome sequencer and invented the core technologies behind all of next-gen sequencing: cloning by limiting dilution and sequencing by synthesis on a single substrate.

At Ion Torrent, we invented sequencing on a semiconductor chip. Our machines helped decode the Neanderthal genome, solve the disappearance of the honey bee, and enabled the age of precision medicine.

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